Craig Technologies’ Flight Test Platform (CraigX) offers opportunities to conduct micro-gravity research in unpressurized space.

CraigX provides the ability for multiple industries to develop, test, and fly experiments, hardware, materials, and advanced electronics on the ISS at a reduced cost and schedule.

CraigX Features

  • Highly reconfigurable platform
  • Available Space: 1100 in3 (Payloads are NOT required to conform to CubeSat form factors)
  • Power: 28V connectors (up to 2 available)
  • Flight computer available to support a wide array of sensor data
  • Wake viewing available
  • Additive and traditional manufacturing available to support payload development
  • Two left-hand circular polarized (LHCP) spiral antenna available with a frequency band of 2 to 18 GHz (nadir and zenith facing)
  • GPS patch antenna available for collecting locational data

CraigX Mission Details

  • Typical deployment period: 15 weeks
  • Integration and delivery to ISS included
  • All payloads can be returned if desired by payload provider

CraigX Potential Payloads

  • Optical communication payload
  • Testing environmental effects on 3D printed aluminum after exposure to space
  • Satellite component level circuit board testing
  • Electroplating: Metal coating over plastic using proprietary plating techniques
  • Pharmaceutical testing in the zero-g environment of unpressurized space allowing for accelerated drug development at a reduced cost

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