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We are a nationwide engineering, technology and manufacturing firm headquartered in Merritt Island, FL providing services to both government and commercial customers including design engineering, precision machining and fabrication, systems engineering and integration, software design and development, information technology support, training and courseware development, integrated logistics support and range operations.


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Services Offered

The CraigX Flight Test Platform (FTP), was designed, manufactured and assembled in-house at their facilities in Cape Canaveral, FL. It is designed to mount externally to the International Space Station (ISS) and promote electronics testing to raise Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) at a low cost and a reduced time frame.  The interchangeable panel design minimizes hardware changes between missions while maximizing flexibility to accommodate customer requirements. Additive manufactured hardware is used internally to reduce manufacturing cost and schedule.




Craig provides turnkey services to manage and perform the work for integration and on-orbit operations of payloads using SSIKLOPS for both government and commercial customers.  The SSIKLOPS platform robotically deploys satellites from the ISS and is designed to provide a method to transfer internally stowed satellites to the external environment.

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering

Craig Technologies provides quality in-house Design Engineering services from up-front analysis to integration, assembly and test. Our ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D certified multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities include the ability to perform initial design concepts and requirements definition or value-add engineering change recommendations to existing engineering. Craig’s model-based systems engineering approach includes 3D CAD & 2D engineering release to include design for life cycle cost & manufacturability and thorough product analysis.

mech eng

Training and Courseware Development

Craig Technologies has extensive experience developing and redesigning training and knowledge resources, developing e-learning courseware, converting classroom events to e-learning, creating award-winning training videos, creating and maintaining Learning Management Systems (LMS), and developing and maintaining websites. Craig supports the full spectrum of training requirements from front-end analysis to final product. Our training programs include full motion simulators, SCORM conformant IMI delivered by various Learning Management Systems, Web-based training for mobile platforms, instructor-led training, Advanced Electronic Classrooms, Distributed Learning, PC-based simulations for technical and soft skills training, and simulator/part task trainer build.

Dobbins C130ATS Flight Sim500w

Information Technology Support

IT support 600w

Craig provides Information Technology system support to a diverse customer base in both secure (classified) and open environments. We meet the technological demands with a mastery of cyber security, security protocols, infrastructure expertise, and network support including architectural design, database administrators, mainframe-centric traditional Help Desk (levels 1 – 3), Network Monitoring, Systems Management, Restart/Recovery, and Scheduling functions allowing our customers to operate in a secure and agile environments.

Cyber Security


Craig’s Cybersecurity Engineers and Analysts use an agency and mission-based approach that supports the architectural methodology in NIST Special Publication “Managing IT Security Risk” (SP 800-39). Our cyber-security teams meet current Risk Management Framework and DoD 8570 requirements via the CISSP, CompTIA, Sec+ and CE certification process and conduct Information Systems vulnerability assessments, risk mitigation, and Plan of Action and Milestone (POA&M) development and tracking. They perform compliance assessments within designated enclaves (Systems, subsystems and individual computing/electronic devices), validate compliance against the predetermined Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) and mitigate / correct deficiencies as discovered.

Software Design and Development

Craig offers full system lifecycle development of custom software, mobile applications and business intelligence dashboards. Our agile software development processes support new design and legacy code running on open source and proprietary operating systems in classified and open environments. Craig’s expertise includes web portals, databases, charting, mobile / tablet and next generation technology systems.


Fiber Optic Fabrication

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) fabricates the highest quality fiber optic harnesses and cable assemblies for a wide variety of applications built to spec. We are certified to NASA STD 8739.5 and have a level B trainer on-site. Our technicians are skilled in connector termination and polishing and fusion splicing of both single and multi-mode fiber wire. Our fiber optic assemblies are 100% inspected to ensure fault free delivery of product using visual fault finding and digital light meters with available test result printouts provided to customer.

fiber assy700w

Range operations

sls mobile launcher600w

Craig provides for safe and effective launch, testing, and tracking of DoD, civil, commercial, and international space lift vehicles at multiple launch ranges. Craig conducts performance testing on all flight hardware including the RF characteristics, dynamic environments, and electrical performance testing of systems that comprise the Range Safety System. We perform instrument data collection, shock testing, vibration testing, and environmental testing of ground support infrastructure. We verify real-time telemetry data collected from launch events and report and distribute the
information to applicable supporting functional teams including the launch director, mission operations center and engineer support staff.

Precision Machining

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (CTAS) supports your projects from concept to real-world application or at any scalable solution in-between. CTAS takes pride in responding to the ever-changing
needs of our customers by placing an emphasis on evaluating our manufacturing processes and making continual improvements. Our small business flexibility, lean management team and industry-leading employee benefits help us deliver exceptional customer-driven solutions and a quick and cost-effective solution to any priority need.


Making History...

Careers at Craig Technologies

Craig Technologies is growing and has rewarding positions for all experience levels. Join the Craig family and begin an exciting and rewarding career.

4 days ago

Craig Technologies

Here are Craig Directors Mark Mikolajczyk and Greg Sheppard enjoying the reception hosted by The Coalition for Deep Space Exploration and sponsored by several companies including Craig Technologies.
This reception precedes the 2020 SLS-Orion-EGS Suppliers Conference in Washington D.C. This invitation only event gathers Suppliers that support the SLS, Orion, and Exploration Ground systems from around the country to get updates on the various NASA programs.
This is followed the next day by visits to Capital Hill to meet with Representatives and Senators and engage their support for the NASA budget on these space programs.
Building America’s next great rocket, SLS, to launch Orion, our deep space crew transport, and the Exploration Ground Systems to launch these systems requires not only technical expertise, but the long-term commitment of many partners, who understand that achieving Earth independence depends on setting a course and staying the course. The SLS-Orion-EGS supplier team continues to steadfastly support a national commitment to building a better tomorrow – today.

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2 weeks ago

Craig Technologies


STPSat-4, an experimental spacecraft for the Department of Defense’s Space Test Program (STP), was successfully deployed, on January 29, 2020, from the International Space Station (ISS) using the Space Stations Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS). SSIKLOPS, a NASA developed technology, is a platform that robotically deploys satellites from the ISS and is designed to provide a method to transfer internally stowed satellites to the external environment.

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions (Craig) is playing an active role in the Commercialization of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) by partnering with NASA on a contract that gives Craig exclusive use of SSIKLOPS for government and commercial customers who seek access to LEO for their micro-satellites. Craig provides turnkey services to manage and execute the successful integration and on-orbit operations of satellite payloads using SSIKLOPS. SSIKLOPS fills the payload deployment gap between small cubesat launchers and major payloads by supporting the LEO microsatellite market (50-100kg).

In addition to SSIKLOPS, Craig offers the CraigX Flight Test Platform (FTP), designed, manufactured and assembled inhouse, which mounts externally to the International Space Station (ISS). Together, this hardware positions Craig to be a leader in the rapidly emerging Space 2.0 ecosystem. Craig leverages its 20 years of engineering, proprietary technology, and precision manufacturing expertise to offer clients a customizable, lightweight, low-cost satellite alternative to test electronics, propulsion, optics, communication or any other type of innovative technology at a fraction of the cost and higher refresh rate of all other launch options.

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4 weeks ago

Craig Technologies

Here is Craig Director Mark Mikolajczyk at Florida Space day 2020 showing that the banner isn't the only one that looks good!! Mark is wearing Brooks Brothers head to toe while the banner is rocking Canon plotter toner top to bottom. ...

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