The Naval Submarine Warfare Federated Tactical Systems (SWFTS) Enhanced Collaborative Development Environment (ECDE) is a website that provides a portal to the tools, processes, data, and software shared across the SWFTS domain and enables more efficient communication between the development agencies that contribute to the submarine tactical systems.

This effort by Craig engineers involved adapting old techniques of data management to new, simpler, faster methodologies. Tedious manual methods were replaced with automatic techniques thereby vastly improving customer efficiency. Personnel can now alter and upload data from the field rather than being limited to local systems. This new methodology also provides a robust and generic security level check without having to change any of the existing links requests within the application thus effecting a truly seamless integration.
  Craig worked to develop a new method of converting dynamic data from SQL Server into a suite of templated excel files used by the end users to then change and upload the changed data back into the SQL Server.

  Craig developed a methodology to copy a master excel file from the web-server with all of its VBA code intact and have that copy ready to accept new data. This task was completed and delivered in the form of a standalone struts-based java web application which the on-site WITT development team has since integrated into the main WITT application.

  Craig contributes to the evaluation and subsequent selection of a web portal/Content Management System (CMS) technology to be used as the basis to implement the SWFTS ECDE, and evaluates security and website usability issues and tradeoffs.

  Craig contributes to the implementation, development, and maintenance of the ECDE website and in the training of personnel.