The Project Office assures Constellation Program requirements delegated to Kennedy Space Center (KSC) ground operations are performed as defined; provides technical leadership for assessing development approaches to satisfy ground operations requirements and resolving key technical issues; advocates and facilitates the management, integration, and execution of the Safety and Mission Assurance functions; and provides technical leadership for requirement development and project planning on future elements such as the Lander, the Rover, Com/Nav, and Habitat operations requirements allocated to the Center from the Constellation Program.
  Craig provides configuration and data management, integrated scheduling, risk management and project management in support of the NASA KSC LX

  Craig works to support General Office Services and Administration including the development of intermediate products and reports, plans, and schedules to coordinate the analysis effort; and providing analytical, management, and administrative support to develop, analyze, and maintain the schedules in the Primavera software suite

  Craig works to support Change Management including the configuration and data management process

  Craig provides Earned Value Management System (EVMS) support, Project Facilitation/Scheduling/Metric management, and engineering, technical, and business/financial analysis support based on the budget or cost estimate being developed

  Craig supports the development, review, justification, validation, and management of the annual and interim budgets and life cycle cost estimates and documents if the program can be successfully conducted within available resources and applicable constraints and provide cost reduction recommendations

  Craig develops and maintains integrated schedules including top-level project and processing schedules, processing flows, and links to Level II & IV/V development schedules, processing schedules, and processing flows for feasibility and likelihood of success

  Craig supports Risk Management process including administrative support to the development, analysis, and tracking of risks that include risks that roll up