The Intelligent Systems Division (Ames Code TI) provides leadership in information technology for NASA by conducting mission-driven, user-centered computational sciences research, developing and demonstrating innovative technologies, and transferring these new capabilities for utilization in support of NASA missions. The division comprises four concentrated areas of computer science and information technology research and development:
  • Autonomous Systems and Robotics
  • Discovery and Systems Health
  • Collaborative and Assistant Systems
  • Robust Software Engineering
Craig develops and deploys software applications based on Intelligent Systems Research and Development Support (ISRDS) technologies at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

Craig Technologies develops and implements application test plans and procedures, performs technical writing and editing, develops website content and maintenance, and serves as a technology group interface to the headquarters. The scope of research supported by Craig Technologies includes:
  Artificial Intelligence
  Knowledge-based systems
  Knowledge discovery and data mining
  Soft computing
  Nano-Technology information processing and sensors
  Biologically inspired computer systems
  Software fault diagnostic and automated software methodologies
  Develop and deploy software applications based on ISRDS technologies
  Develop and implement application test plans and procedures
  Technical writing and editing
  Web site content development and maintenance
  Technology group interface (for developing project requirements and acquiring data).