The Integrated Mission Operations Contract Services (IMOC) contract is designed to aid in the retention of the Space Shuttle Program (SSP) workforce through the end of the program, to enable cross utilization of resources across all programs, and to provide seamless operations support for the International Space Station (ISS) Program. Work will be performed at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX and will support Johnson Space Center’s Mission Operations Directorate and Flight Crew Operations Directorate on flight operations tasks such as mission preparation, trajectory analysis, astronaut and flight controller training, development of flight procedures, and mission execution. The work is geared toward preparing for Constellation as well as transitioning the International Space Station (ISS) to a post-assembly sustaining and operational basis.

Craig Technologies supports flight operations services to both the ISS and Constellation Programs that include services such as:
  • Flight analysis
  • Flight design
  • Vehicle consumables evaluation
  • Mission timelines and procedures development
   Crew and flight controller curriculum development and training conduct
   Mission operations (preflight planning, flight operations, post flight support activities)
  • Operations concept development
  • Flight rules and constraints
  • Technical specification generation and assessment
  • Design evaluation