This contract involves the re-engineering of asynchronous, self-paced training as defined by the Engineering Plant Operators Continuum (EPOC) established by the Center for Naval Engineering (CNE), Norfolk, VA. EPOC is the revision/enhancement of the existing engineering courses for the attending Journeyman-level engineers. The enhanced continuum will embrace various types of media, instructional strategies and assessment techniques-sin order to provide learning events through the Navy's Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) at the highest appropriate level of cognition.
  Craig provides development of asynchronous self-paced training materials for use in the Navy's Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) as a mechanism for transforming legacy systems and business processes into a "system of systems" that would enable the changes needed to accomplish Revolution-in-Training (RIT) goals and provide the functions required to realize Sea Warrior.

  Craig's Instructional Systems Developer (ISD)/Instructional Designer works to edit and complete Logic Flow Diagrams (LFD) in Microsoft Office Visio, and design the courseware into Kreus using JavaScript and html making it possible for other project participants to view the lesson on-line.

  Craig works to implement and follow a systematic design process for effective and efficient learning; determine software requirements and plan, design, develop and implement solutions to the individual needs of training systems; develop various instructional media products; and produce courseware as part of computer-based, web-based, and distributed learning training.