Battle Command
The Army Battle Command Directorate is responsible for integrating, synchronizing and standardizing battle command and modeling and simulation programs across the Army and ensuring battle command and modeling and simulation processes are consistent with joint processes. The Central Technical Support Facility at Fort Hood, Texas tests, manages and supports communications systems that are being deployed in theater.

Craig provides systems engineering, analysis and assessments of current Army M&S programs and specific models and simulations to determine their contribution to Army requirements for all three M&S domains and six to eight Communities of Interest. We also develop M&S Investment Plans that reduce duplication and stovepipe approaches to help focus funding, manpower, and development efforts leading to a cohesive, affordable M&S program. Assessments include an evaluation of Army M&S functional areas, identifying deficiencies and providing recommendations to overcome cited deficiencies through an improved Army Modernization Plan that fulfills the Army vision and requirements.

Craig provides subject matter expertise to accomplish statutory, regulatory, and policy functions and tasks assigned to the G-3/5/7 Battle Command (BC) Directorate. We assist with special projects related to the execution of Army Regulation 5-11, Management of Army M&S, Army Pamphlet 5-11, and Verification, Validation and Approval (VV&A). We provide:
  • Analysis
  • Documentation
  • Quality Assurance
  • System Engineering and Standardization
  • Configuration Management
  • Project Management
  • Staff Work-level Research
  • Technical Support