The Analysis of Alternatives for Alignment of Aviation Training (A4T) Project will examine the current training employed across units of the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE) to determine how each unit trains and develops the best aviators in the world.

Craig Technologies provided the lead for the A4T project to complete a multi-phase project designed to examine the training methods used by the various training units across the NAE. Craig Technologies completed the following phases:
  • Examination of the current state of training delivery and support
  • Development of the commander’s future desired state
  • Identification of problems and gaps in performance
  • Definition of emerging and future requirements
It is the ultimate goal of A4T to define the current training situation, define performance, specify future requirements, and recommend alternatives to solve performance gaps. It is also the outcome of A4T to recommend processes and tools that meet not only policy, but allow the stakeholders to design, develop, deliver and maintain efficient and effective training solutions across the NAE. The analyses will result in a series of reports, each one being delivered at the completion of four phases of analysis. These reports will include a Training Situation Analysis Document, Training Technology Assessment Report, Gap Analysis Report, Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Report and an Implementation Plan. All stakeholder-approved alternatives will be documented, planned and scheduled in the Implementation Plan. Craig Technologies has met the objectives of the total A4T process:
  Document the current state of design, delivery and support of training at NAE training units
  Determine the desired state of training design, delivery and support across the NAE
  Document common processes and tools used by NAE training units
  Document the similarities and differences between NAE training units, to include a rationale for each difference
  Define the performance gaps between the “current” state and the “to be” state
  Develop and cost a plan to transition NAE training units from the “current state” to the “future” state
  Ensure transition throughout training units of the NAE are in sync and flow to support the aviation training continuum