CTAS Upgrades 3-D Printing Capability with Markforged Mark X7 and Metal X

Craig Technologies Aerospace Solutions has recently upgraded its additive manufacturing power with the Markforged Mark X7, and with the Markforged Metal X.

The Markforged Mark X7 offers complex 3D printing utilizing Fused Filament Fabrication technology with can print continuous fibers in between layers for strength.
This process utilizes a material called Onyx which is a nylon mixed with chopped carbon fiber composite, which creates an end product stronger than aluminum.
This produces parts and prototypes that are not only affordable to print, but actual working parts due to their strength and durability.

The Markforged Metal X uses a proprietary process for metal 3D printing called ADAM, which stands for Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing. Metal powder is extruded through the printing head with a binder, similar to plastic extrusion printers.

The metal parts are post-processed exactly like metal injection molded (MIM) parts. They are then put in a bath to remove binder material and then are sintered in an oven.

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